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Spare Wheel Productions is pleased to announce an agreement with the television presenter, scientist and historian, Adam Hart-Davis for the development and collaboration of an Arts & Science documentary for 2015-2016.

Dr Hart-Davis has a well-established career in UK television spanning a 30-year period. Originally a researcher and then science programme producer for Yorkshire Television, he became best known for his presentation of the popular history series Local Heroes. This was followed by a number of other factual programmes, the best known possibly are What The Romans Did For Us, and What The Victorians Did For Us. He was later to become a presenter of the BBC's flag-ship science programme, Tomorrow's World.

The development agreement is for an hour-long documentary embracing Arts and Science with the dramatisation of a number of historical elements.

The collaboration sees Dr Hart-Davis and Spare Wheel Productions producer Claire Buckley team up again after almost 30 years.