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Peterborough based independent video producers Spare Wheel Productions join the ipDTL Network to complete a number of client projects.

With current technology it's now possible to undertake voice over without the voice-over talent being present at the audio post production stage of a video production or to physically attend a voice-over studio session. Peer-to-Peer Voice Over Internet has been around for some time, but ipDTL has pulled it all together into one simple and affordable server location.

"We now have the ability to complete our production voice-over process without the voice talent ever having to leave their home, providing us with a significant saving on post-production costs," comments Claire Buckley, Spare Wheel Productions producer. "In addition, it's now possible to select from a range of voice talent from both national or international sources, also enabling voice dubbing in multiple languages if required by our clients."

The first to benefit will be a joint venture video production in partnership with the North Level District Internal Drainage Board and The Environment Agency, due for completion in November 2015.

Spare Wheel Productions Ltd is a member of PACT, the Independent Producers Alliance.
Based in Crowland, Peterborough, Spare Wheel Productions undertakes independent broadcast and video production for industry and business.

You can find the Spare Wheel Productions Studio listing on the ipDTL Network with the ID, SpareWheel.